Mueller® H-17347 Unit No. 3SW-500 Completion Machine

Catalog number: H-17347


  • Hand operation
  • Used to align, insert and extract Completion Plugs in Line Stopper Fittings, Flanged Service Tees and Save-A-Valve® Drilling Nipples
  • Used in conjunction with Control Valve – 9-1/4" Gate Valve (83721)
  • Comes in Wooden Storage Chest (304772)
  • Includes Operating Instruction Manual (Form 9067)
  • Completion Plug Wrench (36424) included
  • Alignment Tool (83250) included
  • Balanced pressure feature
  • 500 psig (3450 kPa) maximum working pressure at 100F (38C)
NOTE: The working pressure or temperature rating is reduced accordingly if any attachment, valve, or fitting subjected to pressure or temperature during the plug alignment, plug inserting or plug extracting operation has a maximum working pressure or temperature rating less than that specified above.

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Demonstration Video

MUELLER NO-BLO® Operations performed by the MUELLER H-17347 Completion Machine:


Size* of Fitting

Mueller NO-BLO Operation

Mueller Line Stopper Fittings





Align, insert and extract completion plug

Mueller Flanged Tees




*Nominal size

NOTE: These illustrations are for parts identification only. DO NOT use these illustrations for assembly or disassembly of machine. Mueller Co. offers a machine repair service. Contact Mueller Customer Service Center for details.