Mueller® Machines

We’re the only place to have Mueller Machines rebuilt to LIKE NEW condition and returned with a one year limited warranty. Our rebuild will include all improvements made since a machine was originally manufactured, bringing it up to today’s model designation.

  • Line Stopping Machines, Large and Small
  • Completion Machines
  • C Series Drilling Machines
  • D Series Drilling Machines
  • E Series Drilling Machines
  • B-101 (B-100) Drilling & Tapping Machine
  • A-3 (A-2) Drilling & Tapping Machine

Power Operators for Mueller Machines can also be reconditioned, but in most cases are not updated to the current model. They are given a one-year limited warranty.

Mueller® Cutting Tools

Many people do not realize we make our own cutting tools, each precisely designed, machined and matched to the Mueller flow control products they are used with. No other reconditioning service knows as well as we do the exact dimensions and cutting angles needed to restore our cutting tools to like new performance. Remember, improperly sharpened tools can cause undue wear and tear on the drilling machines, which can lead to failure.

  • Shell cutters
  • Pilot drills
  • Combined Drills/Shell Cutters & Taps

Terms and Conditions

We offer two pricing structures:

  • For a flat fee, the Mueller Machine or Cutting Tool can be entered into our system for reconditioning as soon as we receive it, which minimizes the time you are without the equipment.
  • If you prefer, we can provide an estimate to recondition a machine which you first approve, then the machine is scheduled into our process for reconditioning.

Notice: some smaller machines and cutting tools are ineligible for reconditioning. We reserve the right to inspect and determine whether any machine or tool sent to us can be reconditioned – if not, the owner will be notified and given the option to have the equipment returned at their expense, or discarded.

For pricing and full details about our repair program, and authorization to return the equipment to Mueller Co. for reconditioning, contact the Mueller Customer Service Center at 800-798-3131.

Mueller must provide written pre-authorization of any repair before we will accept any equipment for repair.