4"- 6" Shur Stop PE Stopping Machine

4"- 6" Shur Stop PE Stopping Machine

4” Stopping Machine Catalog Number: H-27015

6” Stopping Machine Catalog Number: H-27006



  • 125psi (862 kPa) maximum working pressure at 100° F (38 C)
  • Used to stop-off 4" and 6” Shur Stop™ electrofusion fittings
  • Body has integral 2" F.I.P. thread by-pass connection
  • Used in conjunction with control valve (part #H-27035)
  • Equipment furnished with each Mueller machine: 
  • Equipment to be selected:
    • Replacement seal kit
    • Metallic spare parts kit
*The working pressure or temperature rating is reduced accordingly if any attachment, valve, or fitting subjected to pressure or temperature during the drilling operation has a maximum working pressure or temperature rating less that that specified above.

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Shur Stop PE Stopping Machine:

Machine Weight Only


4" PE Stopping Machine

22 lbs. (10 kg)

6" PE Stopping Machine

38 lbs. (17 kg)

NO-BLO operations performed:



Size of Fitting




Shur Stop™ PE Electrofusion Fittings



Stop-off pipe